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Experience the highest quality care at Grand Avenue Smiles. With the latest technology, a passion for quality care, and years of experience, the Grand Avenue Smiles team offers patients a chance to find life-changing confidence in their new smile. Learn why Dr. Yu and his team are rated 5 Stars in Grover Beach and the surrounding area. Contact us today to see what Dr. Yu can do for you!

Don't let your teeth tell you what to eat!

Grover Beach Dentist

Rediscover your healthy smile again.

Lost teeth don't have to be the end. With advances in dental implants and oral regeneration you can have the ability to eat whatever you want again. Minimally invasive regeneration and regrowth techniques can bring you back to taking your teeth for granted again. Combination surgery techniques can minimalize your discomfort and visits.

Life-Changing Confidence

Grover Beach Dentist

Has something bothered you about your smile?

Your smile and mouth goes through a lot of wear and tear throughout the years with you. Treat them well, rejuvenate your mouth, recharge your smile, and start anew. A PRF lips thing. A gums thing. A smile line thing.

What is your mouth
telling you?

Grover Beach Dentist

Optimize your health and prevent future problems.

No matter how sophisticated we get at fixing problems, preventing them from forming is far better. Routine, preventive care is the most predictable way to optimal oral and overall health.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Grover Beach Dentist

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DDS Yu was amazing and so was his staff. He addressed my issues and was very friendly and professional. My teeth feel amazing and I had no discomfort, which is nice cause I have a scar that does not stretch and he worked around it very well. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for an awesome dentist. Oh and the office is clean and the tools I saw were newest best technology which is awesome

- David Uzonyi August 13, 2017

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