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Dental Implants

I wasn’t as outgoing as I wanted to be because of my smile. Dr. Yu restored my self-esteem.” -Coleen M.

A lost smile is more than just missing body parts. It is missing out on having your best self forward, missing out on shared meals, shared laughter and great times with friends and family. Things don’t matter, but the connections we form with others do.




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Dental Implants

Faster Results, Faster Recovery

Modern combination procedures allow multiple steps to be done in one visit. Advanced “Teeth in a Day” technologies result in healing times that are faster, easier, and with less visits. With new techniques, often tooth removal, bone grafting, and implants can be installed at the same time.

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) and Dental Implants

PRF is a blood-based healing factor that allows tissue re-growth with faster healing times. It is used in many medical rejuvenation procedures and in dental implant treatments to concentrate healing proteins in the area to prevent infection and accelerate healing.


I drove 400 miles, just to see Dr. Yu. There’s such a range of quality in dental work. There’s just a lot of art to it.” -Greg H.


Give Up Your Partials and Denture Plates Forever!

Dental Implants


Denture issues can be things of yesterday. Instead of suffering through tubes of glue and watching what you eat, dentures can be stabilized with implants to become solidly stable. Or to truly fight back against the ravages of time and biology, dentures can be converted to real teeth that stay in your mouth and never have to be removed.