Grand Avenue Smiles
1461 W. Grand Ave.
Grover Beach, CA 93433

Grand Avenue Smiles
1461 W. Grand Ave.
Grover Beach, CA 93433

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Do you want to reclaim your smile … and your life?

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Best Dental Implants in Grover Beach, CA
Innovative Techniques to Replace, Regain, and Change Your Life

Faster Results, Faster Recovery

Modern combination procedures allow multiple steps to be done in one visit. Advanced “Teeth in a Day” technologies result in healing times that are faster, easier, and with less visits. With new techniques, often tooth removal, bone grafting, and implants can be installed at the same time.

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) and Dental Implants

PRF is a blood-based healing factor that allows tissue re-growth with faster healing times. It is used in many medical rejuvenation procedures and in dental implant treatments to concentrate healing proteins in the area to prevent infection and accelerate healing.

Some Of Our Work
We Have Completed Over 400 Dental Implant Treatments!

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Rediscover your healthy smile again.

Lost teeth don't have to be the end. With advances in dental implants and oral regeneration you can have the ability to eat whatever you want again. Minimally invasive regeneration and regrowth techniques can bring you back to taking your teeth for granted again. Combination surgery techniques can minimalize your discomfort and visits.


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FREE CEREC® IntraOral Scanner
What is the secret to making a great impression? We use our CEREC® IntraOral Scanner to ensure that the impressions we take are accurate, efficient, and comfortable every time.


Our patients love us! Read what they have to say below.

Comfortable Doctor“

“This place is so clean and modern, love the music, everyone is so nice and friendly, made me feel so welcome and comfortable, specially Doctor Jerry, He is amazing and awesome and I am so pleased with the work he has done for me so far, I’m highly recommending him.“

Sopida Simpson

Amazing Staff“

“Every time I have gone to the dentist my anxiety has caused me to leave in tears except at Grand Avenue Smiles. The staff are amazing and kind. Dr. Jerry Yu really walks you through everything he is going to do, which helped me stay nice and calm. Definitely would recommend Grand Avenue Smiles!“

Brianna Boydstun


“Grand Avenue Smiles is clean and very friendly. Dr. Jerry Yu is very professional and friendly. He answered all my questions and gave me his professional opinion on which option may be the best for my dental goals. I’m new to the area and am grateful to find such a nice dental office.“

Jill Abercrombie

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About Dr. Jerry Yu

My name is Dr. Jerry Yu, and my goal is to make going to the dentist simple, comfortable, and enjoyable. Despite growing up in a family of dentists, I didn't have the best of teeth. To be honest, I slacked in my personal habits so I've been a patient in the dental chair more often than I'd like. I went through some of the most challenging and uncomfortable procedures. In my pursuit of this craft I have always tried a more gentle and tolerable approach. I travel worldwide in my continued education to seek better technologies and techniques that will deliver great results as comfortably as possible.

I’m excited to return to the Central Coast after being away for ten years for school and work. After graduating from high school in Santa Maria, I received my Bachelor’s of Science at UCLA. I received my dental education from New York University in Manhattan, and completed a surgical residency training on Long Island. After working in New York and becoming tired of shoveling snow in the mornings, I decided to trade in snow boots for flip flops and return to the Central Coast.

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Grand Avenue Smiles

1461 W. Grand Ave.
Grover Beach, CA 93433
Phone: (805) 270-4259

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